Easy Print - StartUp

Easy Print application get (securely) and prints any new order of your cs-cart shop to a thermal printer.
Base price for variant 150,00 €
Sales price 150,00 €
Price / kg:

For full functionality you need to make a payment of 150€ which is going to be used as balance in your account.

Price: Pay as Go / 10€ per Month starting on the activation date.

Any time you are able to cancel your license and to activate a new one later.

After your payment is verified, we are going  to setup your account and send you everything you need so you will be able to login.

Using your account, you can activate more licenses for more shops.


Refund Policy: You are able to request your payment (150€) back in 30 days but in that case we are going to charge you 30 Euro for Setup