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New Software for Woo Commerce and Cs-Cart On-line Shops which use any Thermal Printer or any printer

No PrintNode Needed

Woo Commerce: Plugin installation required!

Cs-Cart: no Add on installation required! Multi Vendor Cs-Cart Supported

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Any Thermal Printer or Any Printer supported without PrintNode

Do your WooCommerce or Cs-Cart On-line Shop needs software to proceed with orders immediately? Especially in case of fast delivery services (food, pharmacy and so on)?

With the help of our new software application "Easy Print", each order can be printed as a receipt (with the help of thermal printer) directly, just in few seconds after creation.

Benefits for your business


You will never miss your orders


Fast delivery for your clients


Increase efficiency for your business

Why choose Easy Print ?


You are able to use any Thermal Printer or any Printer. No PrintNode Needed.


Put your logo in any order print and in main page of the application.

Increased efficiency

Your orders will be printed at the moment of arrival and will not be missed. You can also set sound notification for additional alert. For your convenience the payment method (Visa or MasterCard) will be visible on receipt.

Trial Version

You can download application and to use it as a trial version and check how it works. Make your first try!

Good Support

Feel free to contact us in case of any question.

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