Customer makes an order

Customers visit cs-cart shop as usual and make their orders. As default procedure cs-cart sends e-mail notifications to owner.

In case cs-cart shop have to do with fast food delivery service (or any other delivery service) then the orders need to be processed very fast.

So someone needs to check any momment for new e-mails.

Our application resolve this issue, so no one need to give attention to e-mails.


Application retrieve order from cs-cart

After a new order take place, Easy Order Print application gets the order and send it directly to default printer. Application retrieve the order with https using a specifict url of your cs-cart installation.

As printer can be used, any common printer or any thermal printer.


Printer/Thermal Printer print the order

Order can be printed directly at the production/delivery place, and no one needs to watch for new e-mails.

With the help of our application, orders will be delivered to customers at the minimum time.

If the order is paid by a Visa Cart  or PayPal or any other payment method then it will be printed clearly.

Thermal Printing Sample
Thermal Printing Sample




Download pdf order sample

Sample PDF order